Fashion - 12 August 2018

T-shirt Madness!

They are the basis of every women’s wardrobe, because regardless of the season, we wear them most often. Therefore, it is worth having a few extra pieces, because they wear out the fastest – especially cotton, which in the case of T-shirts, I recommend the most! Cotton t-shirts allow our skin to breathe, they are pleasant to the touch and extremely comfortable to wear. Besides, they do not cost much and it is very easy to combine them with other clothes, so you can get an interesting, casual look in an easy and quick way!

The ubiquitous trend of “logomania”, slogans, pop culture hits from the 90s and “art in fashion” is the reason for the presence of various T-shirts with attractive prints in every chain clothing store. If you’ve been or you are, for example a fan of the series ‘Friends’, you can get a T-shirt with the word ‘Friends’ in the New Look or the imprinted iconic scenes from this series in the Zara. Then if you have fondness for the film “Dirty Dance”, “Titanic” of for the music group Backstreet Boys from the 90s, or if you are a big fan of Madonna, you must look at the H&M website today!

Definitely for a very long time there has not been such a wide selection of various T-shirts in clothing stores as now! This time, we can not complain about boredom and lack of originality, designers diversify every base model of the latest collections. That is why it is worth buying some cool pieces this season! I already have some of my favorites… and you?