Tips - 19 August 2018

Recent Collections Autumn – Winter 2018/2019

Despite the fact that we are still influenced by the summer climate and shopping promotion, the autumn-winter collection is slowly beginning to appear in stores. However the coming trends will not surprise us much, the designers in their latest collections are still inspired by topics from last year.

So if you have a check pants, a floral dress, a leather skirt or a jacket, a metallic purse or a leopard coat in your closet, then you are ready for the next season! Of course, some trends stand out more than before, such as neon colors, “plastic” covers and accessories, Eastern European accent, “logomania” or minimalism and monochrome – characteristic of the 90’s.

By the way among the available styles, we will notice a characteristic fashion mix from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, which invariably remain the greatest inspiration for contemporary designers.

Animal Print by Mango

Check by ZARA

Leather by Mango

Flowers by H&M

Eastern European style by ZARA

Logomania by ZARA

Metallic gloss by ZARA

Plastic by ZARA

Minimalism by H&M

Monochrome by H&M