Looks - 28 June 2018

Nude – Shades of Beige

Extremely fashionable in any season, although it looks best at summer tannings – just like the rest of pastel shades. Therefore, you can not miss it in your summer wardrobe! This delicate, warm color diversifies a simple stylization or subduing that full of intense colors. In addition, it is a great background for patterned accessories and jewelry.

Beige is definitely a universal color and suitable for any occasion. However, you can combine it in different ways and always get a positive effect! Contrary to appearances, it is an extremely chic color similar to white and black, with appropriate shimmering accessories looks elegant and sexy at the same time, in an unusually discreet way.

By the way, the nude is the most neutral color and if it causes any emotions in us, it is only positive – peace, relaxation, space, freedom. So if you care about the unforced simple look, this is the best color choice. On the other hand, the color of nude will be found in every style – not only safari – and can be a solid base for every everyday and elegant outfit.