Inspirations - 2 November 2017

Niche Brands

Today, niche branding plays a large role in the success of almost any small or large fashion business, both offline or online. Conscious consumers appreciate the products of niche brands, because of their quality, individuality and uniqueness. In these stores we can find unique clothes, which often – but not always – go beyond current trends.

Anyway most of us want to look a bit different than everyone else. Therefore, if we want to start dressing differently than most women in our city, we may be interested in the sales offer of several niche companies. Thanks to that, we will be able to complement our wardrobe with a few unique items and give our image its originality and individuality. Meanwhile, I invite you to review several Polish niche brands, that really inspire me.

Missu Design –


Echo –


Kasia Miciak –


Leimann –


Monnom Boutique –


Pin Ups –