Inspirations - 16 April 2018

Milano & Italian Charm!

Undoubtedly the northern part of Italy has beautiful views, ambience and unique style. The mountain climate combined with lakes, tropical plants and the charm of local cafes allows you to completely relax and break away from everyday life.
As much as I am inspired by this country – landscapes, language, food, customs – I was also disappointed with the style and fashion of the inhabitants of Italy.
Anyway during my trip to Milan I was waiting for more, because it is one of the most important fashion capitals in the world. I was disappointed because everyone is “in love with black”, and the streets seem to be much sadder and poorer than in reality.
On the other hand, the city center is impressive – a huge cathedral, castles, beautiful galleries and stylish restaurants.
However, more diverse colors can be found on shop windows, galleries, restaurants, cafes than on pedestrians.
There was not a lot of color in street fashion, though I knew that Italians have a weakness to combine Black & White – plus Gold in “a richer version” – I was expecting this kind of style among the local community. Anyway, I counted on a little variation, creativity and surprise – because I’m in one of the most important places of world fashion!
Despite the fact that the fashion capital did not impress me much, Italian mountains enchanted me for the first time I saw it!