Tips - 30 May 2018

How to look thinner in just 10 steps

Summer is fast approaching! On this occasion, many of you probably work on slimming your figure. However do not forget that you can also look slim and attractive now! Here are 10 fashion and beauty tips for how to look thinner.

  1. Ethereal Dresses

The ideal solution will be dresses made of delicate, ethereal fabrics, which optically add a lightness to the silhouette. The best length of the dress is obviously before the knee – we show the legs!

  1. Mini skirts

Showing legs always works when you want to optically lengthen (thinner) your figure! The most important thing is that you can see your knees and that the model has a high waist.

  1. Pointed, deep cleavage

However the deep, pointed necklines also thinner our figure – what deeper the cleavage the better – of course within the limits of good taste. If you can not find a blouse with a pointed neckline, choose a shirt in which you can unclip a few buttons.

  1. Rolled up sleeves

Wrists are the slimmest places in a woman’s figure, so you have to show them whenever you can. Roll the sleeves of your shirt, blouse, jacket, at every occasion. This is one of the very simple as well as effective stylistic tricks that make the silhouette optically lighter and slimmer.

  1. Asymmetry

Asymmetric cuts are extremely helpful in diverting attention away from our extra pounds. Just put on an asymmetrical blouse, dress or tunic, and our silhouette looks better at the same time.

  1. Vest

Nothing will create horizontal lines in an outfit better than a vest! Thanks to this, you can look thinner than you expect! By using a vest, we can thinner your body without much effort and make your casual and elegant outfit more interesting.

  1. Kimono

Although kimono blouses I say “no” definitely kimono is in itself a great addition that will give our figure softness and lightness. However ethnic print will add flavor to any simple styling.

  1. Wide Pants

Not only the black leggins slim women’s legs. In particular, in summer we need something definitely lighter… If you are not used to wearing mini skirts, simple, wide trousers (also those with a length of ¾) and high-waisted will be perfect!

  1. Wedges or Pointed Tops

In the case of shoes, wedges will be great – the higher the better! However, if you do not like this type of shoe, because it seems to you too “heavy” then choose shoes with a pointed tip on low heels or flat soles.

  1. Long Jewelry

This smallest part of the female outfit also influences our appearance. In the case of the size of the jewelry, choose a model adequate to the posture of our body – the more enlarged the silhouette, the larger and more characteristic the jewelry.