Tips - 27 March 2018

How to Liven Up a Spring Wardrobe

First of all, start by segregating clothes and accessories in your wardrobe. Check what is still suitable for use and what you did not put on (or you did only once) last season and put it aside. Specify the style in which you want to follow, browse fashion trends and news. Get inspired by some famous person whose style you’ve always liked and is similar to yours, for example a fashionista, a photographer, a model, a stylist, etc. Write on a piece of paper what you are missing and think about colors, which you want to wear in this season.

1. Dress up in Color

You do not have to dress in color from head to toe, just one colorful thing will be enough and your outfit will get expression immediately! Some women are afraid of color like fire! This is due to the fact that we often do not know how to combine it and which hue of color suits for us. The best solution will be to do a color analysis that will show you which shades of color best suit your beauty type. You can also think yourself about what tint blend in perfectly with the color of your eyes, hair and complexion, based on available information about color analysis on the Internet.

2. Characteristic Accessories

However, if you are in love with classic, subtle colors, then choose the characteristic accessories! The Shoes, handbag, belt in an unusual color, with a funny pattern, interesting print or a special addition can change the classic, casuale styling in an interesting outfit! You can also choose a subtle color of accessories, but then choose an unusual shape. They will not be immediately visible, but will add a characteristic look to the whole stylisation.

3. Think about the Dress

We wear it most often on holidays. Every day, we do not want to think about the appropriate tights, shoes, purse that we put together with the dress. However, when we finally manage to find a matched model, sewn from a suitable fabric, the comfort of wearing is incomparable with pants! Therefore, try to spend one day a week for a casual dress, which you will wear even with sneakers, but you will also feel extremely feminine!

4. Patterns & Prints

However, if you want to dress in the same colors and style as always, then just decide for patterns, which will spice up your clothes and accessories. That can be stripes, dots, grille, asymmetry, floral, exotic of vintage motifs or funny prints that you can easily find on shop hangers in this season. You can also think of creating your own design or original drawing on a T-shirt, blouse or shawl. Just draw your dream project and look for companies that provide this type of service.

5. Trends

However, if you belong to the more courageous and open people for fashion, sharpen your senses and look among the current trends of a “tasty snack” for yourself! All you need to do is focus on one thing, one trend that will perfectly highlight your style and vary more than one stylization, so you don’t overdo it.