Inspirations - 11 February 2018

IRIS APFEL – a woman who inspires me

Despite her age (96 years), she is considered a contemporary fashion icon. This woman inspires! impresses! shocks! You can’t pass by her indifferently, even if you think she is a crazy woman, you will not take your eyes off her so easily! The intense colors, contrasts, XXL accessories these are her characteristic signs. That is way Iris Apfel stylizations are exaggerated, expressive, shocking, controversial, breaking all the rules of universally recognized good style and taste. At this point, fashion ceases to be everyday, practical clothing, proportional to the shape of our figure – fashion becomes a form of art, expression of individual beauty and it is above our body. The most important is the expression of styles, patterns, colors, artistic freedom, yourself, which becomes an inspiration for the next creators.

However, even in this kind of creativity, the consistency of the whole composition must be preserved and Iris Apfel does it in a masterful way. Her outfits are perfectly thought out! This is not surprising because Iris is a retired interior designer who designed the interiors of the White House for the next nine presidents of the United States. She studied art history at the University of New York and in 1950, after traveling the world with her husband, Iris Apfel, the founder of Old World Weavers, put to life her overseas inspiration in fabric, resulting in the conception of Old World Weavers.

In 2005, the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcased her explosive, exuberant personal collection of accessories, fabrics and garments. In addition, in 2014, a documentary film about her spectacular work, Iris, directed by Albert Maysels, was released. Currently, Iris gives consultations in the field of stylization, fashion, trends and the search for individual style. Moreover in March this year, she will publish her own book titled “Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon”.

„The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years”

  “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess”

“There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude”

Iris Apfel