Looks - 29 January 2018

Everyday Jeans

Everybody has a huge weakness for this fabric, especially for trousers. Admit that although you have them in the wardrobe, you can’t resist the temptation to buy another fashionable model. This is no wonder! The jeans is universal and extremely practical, and now we can get it in any color and cut. From the last year, jeans sets are also fashionable and I think they are an interesting solution for everyday stylizations, with properly selected accessories you can count on the wow effect! In the current season, we can also buy jackets and coats in the autumn-winter version with a sheepskin.

The jeans is a classic in itself!

That is why it’s worth choosing jeans – pants, skirt, shirt, jacket, coat – which will break the elegant outfit, and we will feel more comfortable and dressed less officially. The material trousers, striped shirts, checkered shirts, shirts whit embroidered ornaments and sweaters, especially in the currently fashionable geometrical pattern, which are associated with the winter-festive period, look really great on jeans.

Photos Anna Kaczmarczyk Photography/Clothes & Accessories Karen Millen