Tips - 16 November 2017

Create The Perfect Set For Cool Days

In autumn and winter season we can’t definitely miss the warm and cozy accessories in our dressing room. They will not only protect us from the cold, but will also emphasize our unique style. What is good to keep in mind when you choosing the right headgear? First of all, let’s look at the shape of our face, this will help us to choose only the most favorable fashions. Another important aspect is the color type of our beauty. This makes it easier for us to choose the right colors, which emphasize the beauty of our eyes, hair and skin. We can easily emphasize our style through a sophisticated scarf that is made with the right material, pattern and color. An interesting combination with a suitable cap, beret or hat is an important part of the autumn-winter outfit.

Oval Face

Zara 9,95 e

Even&Odd 14,95 e /Top Shop 24,95 e

Menil 69,95 e/Becksondergaard 34,95 e

Heart Face

Zara 9,95 e

Mint&Berry 69 e/Esprit 84 e

Klarl Lagerfeld 299 e/Aldo 19,95 e

Missguided 11,95 e/Penfield 54,95 e

Square Face

Zara 29,95 e

Trussardi Jeans 69,95 e/Mint&Berry 29,95 e

Ralph Lauren289 e/Anna Field 12,95 e/Esprit 29,95 e

Round Face

Zara 12,95 e

Mint&Berry 69 e/Benetton 149 e

Aldo 9,99 e/Ted Baker 49,95 e/Tommy Hilfiger 279 e

Long Face

Zara 15,95 e

Brixton 39,95 e/Alpen Flustern 44,95 e

Even&Odd 54,40 e/Only 12,95 e/Pieces 12,95 e


Zara 17,95 e

Zara 19,95 e

Zara 25,95 e