Inspirations - 11 June 2018

Crazy of 70’s

Although the 90’s still play a major role in the modern fashion, however the 70’s are the inspiration for most modern designers for many years until now. I’m very glad, because I think personally that it was a much more beautiful time in fashion!

It’s nothing else like a fascination with the hippie movement and musical-social revolution. By the way flowers, frills, round glasses with thick frames, hats with a big brim, bell bottom, pants and platform shoes always remind me about 70’s! All these elements are directly related to the style of ‘crazy’ 70s – full of color, ethnic elements but also electrical-disco style. There was no shortage of color, madness and fun in dressing! That’s why it’s an especially great inspiration for spring and summer outfits.

I often try to keep in this style, therefore if I found something nice exactly this climate, I buy without thinkin. Matching sleek lines, flowers, frills adding a vintage touch and accessories made always my looks really attractive. I love this time and I will definitely return to the trends of that period to talk about other part of the clothes!

Photos – Pinterest