Tips - 26 February 2018

How to Combine the Boldest Colors of This Season

We will definitely have a choice! In the coming season, all the colors of the rainbow will reign! Although, to write an interesting post on the blog, I chose the most energetic, juicy, conspicuous ones! Because as much as we like them, we do not have the courage to wear this colors… However, if we take the first step and buy it, then another problem appears – “what is the best way to combine it?”. That is why, below you will find some helpful (I hope) advice.


– the most energetic color from the whole range! Thanks to this color, you will put yourself in a positive mood! Perfect color of accessories such as bags, shoes, belt or jewelry. Combine it with a contrasting Black & White set, or in a quieter version with brown, gray or blue. For more courageous women, I recommend combining it with green, purple or red.


– fiery, tempting, drives to action! If you lack energy and enthusiasm for work, think about red clothing or accessories, you will feel the differences immediately! In everyday stylization, red will ideally be presented in the form of a spring coat, bag or shoes. As in the case of yellow, you get a positive effect in combination of red with the Black & White set, but also with pure white or black. In addition, the red will also work in combination with gray and blue. Currently, we can notice an unusual, but extremely popular and really interesting combination of red with orange and red with pink.


– extremely girly, luscious, color of sensitivity. Although it is associated with Barbie dolls and young girls, in the right tone and in combination with the appropriate colors, we can count on the lack of infantile expression of our stylization. Pink looks nice in shades of “dirty powder” or in intense fuchsia. Combine it preferably with neutral gray, beige, brown or black. Alternatively, you can try a combination of fuchsia with a red, orange or green color.


– the color of dreamers and artists, stimulates our creativity and imagination. Each shade of this color is extremely popular every season. If we do not want to buy a small black one again, but the red dress seems too provocative, then we usually choose the blue color. In combination with white, brown, yellow or red, we can get a different, but equally positive effect.


– when you need a bit of relaxation, calm and inner peace, dress in green! This color has an extremely soothing effect not only on the person who wears it, but also on the whole environment. Although the green is less popular than red and blue, but you admit it’s difficult to resist a “fresh green” dress! You can choose to combine green with yellow, brown, contrasting red or purple.


– chic, elegance, class! It symbolizes luxury, wealth, position but also the spiritual world. Extremely popular in the 90s, which are still inspired by designers, that’s why it’s back in fashion again for the next few seasons. It fits perfectly with gray, brown and black. An interesting, contrasting connection can also be obtained with a yellow, green or red color.

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