Fashion - 23 May 2018

Classic Denim

Denim madness is still going on! Just like in autumn and winter, we could find jeans in every form in the spring-summer collection, which is full of clothes sewn from this fabric. Nothing more strange, jeans can master half of a woman’s and men’s wardrobe! – this is a confirmation of the phenomenon of this fabric!

For several seasons many projects still refer to the style of the 80s / 90s – oversized shirts, pants with a very high condition, wide ¾ trousers, boot-cut, hipsters, vests as well as the colors of denim characteristic for this era. In addition, among the current styles, we can also find many avant-garde, modern models of denim, such as patchwork combinations, jagged ends, asymmetrical cuts, embellishments, jumpsuits, shoulder cutouts etc.

These are definitely original and creative ideas on how to deconstruct the age-old fashionable jeans and wear it in a different form. Some models are quite controversial and do not look very nice, but in art – which also includes fashion – that’s the point. Therefore, be careful to choose the right models that do not deform your body too much. However, almost every model can be skillfully combined with another piece of wardrobe to get a positive effect. Therefore, use a few ingenious denim clothes that will easily spice up your everyday outfit!

Photos Anna Kaczmarczyk Photography