Tips - 6 December 2017

Christmas & New Year’s Outfits

During Christmas each of us wants to look special and beautiful! The classic outfit, it will definitely be the best choice. We can spice up it with interesting, trendy accessories. Current trends refer to the colorful, shimmering 80’s, therefore we can easily find beautiful, colorful, satin, velvet dresses, blouses, skirts, that perfectly suit for the Christmas occasions. Also the Victorians Style in fashion offers us beautiful lace, nineteenth century models of shirts and dresses.

In addition, nowadays popular pearls in every form and on every part of the outfit, it’s also the perfect accent for an elegant evening creation. Besides the red color is now very popular, we can get any part of the outfit in various styles. However our attention has been attracted by beautiful ruby, sapphire, purple, fuchsia shades that are also perfect for Christmas stylizations. Also fashionable folkloric style and a trend for floral print, it’s a great accent on elegant dresses, blouses or skirts.

In turn, on New Year’s Eve we can afford a lot more madness and a flash! Here, we can even overdo it and get carried away by the imagination! The current fashion for the crazy 80’s offers us various brocade, sequin, metal, shimmering dresses, which will be immediately visible and perfectly fit into the style of New Year’s Eve. However, if you don’t want to be a “star” this evening, take advantage of the proposed Christmas stylizations from me.

Christmas Outfits

New Year’s Outfits