• Looks - 28 June 2018

    Nude – Shades of Beige

    Extremely fashionable in any season, although it looks best at summer tannings – just like the rest of pastel shades. Therefore, you can not miss it in your summer wardrobe! This delicate, warm color diversifies a simple stylization or subduing that full of intense colors. In addition, it is a great background for patterned accessories […]

  • Looks - 3 June 2018

    Metallic Accent

    Metallic clothes and accessories have been fashionable for several seasons, because modern trends still refer to the fashion of the 90s, as well as to modern cosmo-galactic styles, such as futurist. That’s why shimmering fabrics become a kind of classic in fashion, which is on the top of every season – I’m still wearing my […]

  • Looks - 26 April 2018

    Fashion Moments of the ’90s

    Fashion of the 90’s is still going on! In the latest trends, we can see how style from the 80s intertwines with the 90’s. However, many trends from this era are a real kitsch, even though at the same time also appeared the greatest fashion classics – elements of Glamor, Grunge, Hip Hop or Electro […]

  • Looks - 5 March 2018

    Wild in Style

    The fur, panther, leather leggings – it can’t be hotter! Trends straight from the crazy 80’s / 90’s. Moreover my haircut…!(growing hair, sometimes unruly, especially in the wind). Although the yellow sweater breaks the wildness of styling, adding its friendly character. My suggestion for an early spring outfit… How do you like it? Photos Anna […]